$150 Challenge: Comfy Christmas

The holidays are a time for lots of parties. Many of these are dress-up affairs. However, some are more casual gathers. Often, Christmas means getting together with some friends we haven't seen in a while, sitting by the fire, and sharing some cookies and cocoa. Instead of fancy dresses, these events call for comfy, cozy clothes (with forgiving waistlines so you can overdo the cookies and cocoa if you so desire). It's handy to have a nice pair of jeans, easy flats (maybe even the kind that fold up in your purse so you can wear them once you take your boots off), a cozy sweater in a rich color, and a simple scarf to make the look both chic and cozy. This total look costs $93.88, which leaves plenty of money for gifts, cookies or even a nice Christmas book.*
2011 in Books: A War of Gifts by Orson Scott Card/$150 Challenge: Comfy Christmas

Chocolate Truffle Pointelle Sweater, Kohl's, $30
Black Wash Flare Jeans, Target, $29.99
Gathered Ballet Flats, Kohl's, $24.99
Confetti Scarf, Forever 21, $8.90

*This set features a short Christmas novella I read this year (as part of a series of book inspired fashion sets I'll be posting soon). If you're a Sci-Fi/Ender's Game/Orson Scott Card fan, you can enter to win this book on Goodreads until Dec. 17th.


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