Unique Fashion Gift Ideas

Some people are tricky to buy for. If aren't the type for practical gifts or handmade treasure, try one of these unique gift ideas. They are sure to wow, or at least intrigue, the receiver.

Unique Fashion Give Ideas

1. Color Block Tights, Happy Socks, $25
Fun tights and socks are a great go-to gift even if you don't know someone all that well. They can be pretty easy to come by at major department stores too. These color block tights are a whole new level of fun.
2. Raspberry Giraffe Shower Cap, Dry Divas, $26
Shower caps either look like those sad disposable numbers found in hotel room or like something your grandmother owned (and not in the cool vintage way). Dry Divas makes shower caps in fun prints and bright colors with bow and jewel embellishments. They come in three sizes: standard, child and bouffant (for ladies with lots of hair). It's a cuter way to keep your 'do dry.
3. Morse Code Necklace, COATT, $36
Morse Code isn't just for tapping out S.OS. These necklaces turn dashes and dots into secret, understated statement necklaces. You can pick from several sayings included that classic SOS, Lucky (pictured), friend or your own unique message.
4. Loading... Maternity Shirt, ThinkGeek, $22.99
This one is best suited for the nerdy, but that's what makes it so unique. According to ThinkGeek, a baby is 4.65 terabytes, which is how much data a T1 line can download in 40 weeks. That's a long download.
5. Beauty Babes Blush Brush, Pylones, $24
The truly fabulous don't simply apply brush. They do so in style. This retro lady may have some wiry hair, but that's good because her coif will help make your cheeks rosy. When she's off duty, she'll act as a chic accessory on your vanity.
6. Playing Cards, Tiffany & Co., $30
If you have a friend will high-end designer dreams, try giving them a low-cost item related to the designer line. Many lines offer planners, stationary, key chains, small accessories or even a fashionable stamp on game night like these playing cards.
7. Crocheted Bow Headphones, UncommonGoods, $40
If anyone is struggle to think of a gift for me this year, get me these (or make them for me if you're crafty). I don't need them, and they aren't the most practical of items. Yet, I love them. They're so cute. Plus, they look way comfier than my iPod ear buds. I think they could even double as ear muffs.

Do you have any unique fashion gift ideas? What are some of your favorite unexpected fashion gifts from years gone by?


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