Project Design: Gift Tote Bags

Project Design is our friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Gift wrap and gift bags are so pretty, but they're also so disposable. Some fancy paper gift bags cost as must as fabric, reusable bags but often only get used once or maybe a handful of times at most. This Christmas, search out affordable tote bags to replace your wrapping. The gift recipient will be able to use the bag over and over. Try wrapping the gift in a personalized tote or one that fits the recipients style. You can also use the bag design give clues to the contents of the bag. For example, fill the "I Like Naps" bag with a stylish sleep mask, cute PJs, moisturizing socks and night cream. However you choose to do it, which bag would you use to wrap your holiday gifts?

Stripey Tote with Heart by Goodnight Boutique
Personalized Gift Tote by Personalized Gifts by J
Fortune Cookie Wine Bag by Xenotees
I Like Naps Tote by The Bold Banana
Robots in Love Tote by happy family
Letter Print Tote by Lets Cover It
Damask Design Tote by Whimsy bags


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