Project Design: Everyday Handbags

Last night on Project Accessory, the designers were challenged to create an everyday bag for real women. The designers had to accommodate all of the tiny, picky details the women required in their handbags. I found it interesting (and a bit disheartening) to watch the designers struggle to create these ideal handbags. Perhaps that explains why I can't find the perfect bag in stores--even custom made bags struggle to live up to needs and expectations. Diego, a purse designer, ultimately won with the pictured design because of his attention to detail, his client and expert skills finishing a bag.

Here is a round up of handmade bags from Etsy. Many of these designers take custom orders so you might be able to get your perfect bag even if these aren't quite it. Which bag most fits your style? What do you look for in a "perfect" bag?

TomTom Leather Messenger Bag by themeantambourine
Vegan Leather Zipper Purse by TRACCEbags
Leather Satchel w/Strap by Adeleshop
XL Boho Shoulder Bag by MimsMaine
Lambskin Leather Cross-Body Bag by paulinacarcach
Lotus Italian Leather Bag by opellecreative
Leather Saddlebag by ElizabethZmow

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke © 2011 Lifetime Entertainment Services, LLC, All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said…
i have been searchgn for a perfect handbag for 2 years, ever since my vintage and perfect handbag started to get really worn.

perfect for me is a defined shape (i hate hobos), not huge (max of 11x11), smooth leather (not pebble, mos def not pvc). i have a few kelly bags i love but for convenience i need short shoulder straps (i hate crossbody, it looks idiotic on anyone with sizable breasts). apparently it is too much to ask bc i'm bagless. :-(
Elizabeth said…
I felt kinda bad for the lady who had to make a huge bag for the laptop. I thought she had done a good job for the size, but agreed it might be better to do it lengthwise instead.

My perfect handbag is this tokidoki one:

It's got a couple front pockets for cellphone and keys, a back catchall pocket, and netting and slots inside for organization. It's the perfect size for me (fits a book and a notepad easily, and a light sweater if needed). Plus it's really cute :)

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