Pick of the Week: Sequin Layering Top

A few weeks ago, I bought two long sequin tanks on clearance at Express. I bought them to add a little texture to my normal cycle of outfits and to cover my back draft. Unexpectedly, people have been crazy-go-nuts for these shirts. I've been wearing them with jeans and sweaters I've worn 60 times and suddenly people think they've never seen any of those clothes before.

Generally, I let them peek out from under my tops. If you're sensitive about the size of your hips, buy a shorter, high-necked sequin top to draw attention to your face instead. They're also fantastic under the sheer blouses or thin jersey. The pictured sequin tee is $59.99 from Express. It's available in four fantastic basic colors -- pale grey, black, ivory and ballet pink. Although with all the holiday sales going on right now, you can easily find such a shirt for under $20.


Fanya said…
Oh I saw that shirt and was lusting after the white one! The unique thing is the sequine for that shirt have the hole on the top instead of middle, so it's like little white ornament dangling and so so pretty.
Jennifer Wells said…
These sound divine!

Isn't it funny how things that have been around for awhile can be forgotten, rediscovered, and seem so new?
becca said…
I just bought a sequin tank for $5 on sale. I haven't worn it yet, but I bought it for the same reasons--to add some texture to my basics. Reading this makes me want more colors.
Jael Paris said…
Macy's has a teal t-cut sequin top.
Christine Rosko said…
I love the top. It's perfect for New Years

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