Once Upon A Moto Jacket

Five words made me interested in Once Upon a Time: From the writers of Lost. True to form, the writing and acting are top notch. If only someone would hire a competent costumer designer. (Maybe all that money went to sets, particularly to awesome wallpaper.)

The men are doing fine with nice brocade frock coats and, in the case of Rumpelstiltskin, an awesome crocodile coat. The fairytale women, however, are almost a costume department afterthought. Photos really don't do the badness of the costumes justice. They look like cheap polyester satin for Fashion Bug prom dresses. Often they rely on feathers for embellishment but the poor women end up looking less graceful and more molted. And don't even get me started on the Claire's Boutique costume jewelry.

At least they're getting the real life clothes right. The evil queen/mayor has an excellent stock of business dresses and Emma, the savior of the town, loves her sleek motorcycle jackets.

I have a denim moto jacket I wear all the time, and now's a great time to get in on this trend. I'd love to get my hands on either the dark red or one of the metallics below.

Top: gold sequin, Express $128
silver faux leather, Intermix $288
dark red quilted leather, ASOS $215.64 (want!)
Middle: red leather, Wilson's Leather $59.99 (sale)
brown faux leather, Intermix $288
blue faux leather, ASOS $71.88  (sale)
Bottom: silver quilted leather, ASOS $269.55
black leather, Wilson's Leather $149.99 (sale)
purple leather, Punk $165.99 (sale)


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