Love or Loathe: Anorak Coats

While I don't really have an easily definable style and will absorb items from all factions into my look, I'm particular about coats. I like trenches and pea coats. That's it. becca likes puffers, so I humor her by throwing some in my coat shopping posts. I don't know her feelings about anoraks, this season's trendiest coat, but I cannot abide them. With all the drawstrings and pockets plus a detachable hood, I have no doubt that they're great for people who are big into outdoor activities. That's fine and dandy, but I'm not buying that these are great coats to wear with a little black dress or a tailored suit. I defy your advice, magazines!

How do you feel about anoraks? Do you think they're classic or a dated? (I wore one as a kid and can't shake the memory to see these as trendy.)


Nikell said…
I don't like them at all. Like you said, if one were into a bunch of outdoor activities then...maybe. But, I'll have to pass on this trend. I'm into the trenches and peacoats.
becca said…
I'm not really a fan. There's too much going on, and these coats feel too casual to mix with anything but jeans or outdoorsy gear.

For people who have a very casual or sporty style, the trendy versions of these with cute details will probably be nice additions to their wardrobes. They're just not for me.
Susanelle said…
Aw, in Canada you need one of these to shovel snow, walk the dog, run to the store, etc..... but, yeah, you're right, they are the most unfashionable thing ever.

On the other hand, they are a democratic style of coat. Everyone looks uniformly dumpy in them.

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