The Horror: Denim Hiphuggers

Denim needs to stop. Yes, it's a great fabric. Some would say it's the great equalizer in fashion, but (at the risk of sounding un-American) I'm sick of denim everything. Pajama jeans, denim lip stickers, denim diapers. Enough! Victoria's Secret, however, is still riding the cutesy denim train and took inspiration from all of the above with their "sexy" denim print hiphuggers. If People of Walmart sponsored auditions for the next Daisy Duke, this is what the winner will pants.


Rachel said…
Ew. People of Wal-Mart indeed.
Anonymous said…
lol. if I was her I wouldn't show my face to the camera!
Fanya said…
NOOOOOOO! I've had enough of jeggings, and now demin as hipbuggers? no no no, it's only a matter of time before somebody decide to wear it as pants in public
Jael Paris said…
I know it's a typo, Fanya, but hipbuggers perfectly describes how I feel about ill-fitting undies.
Christine Rosko said…
I love jeans but that is where I draw the line. Denim is meant for jeans and jeans only. Those pajama jeans were ridiculous and now underwear!!
Anonymous said…
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