Gift Guide for the Practical Giver

Every year my mom asks me what I want and what I need. And each Christmas I have one box of fun and one box of practical. Of course, socks were a bummer as a kid, but now that I'm an adult and have more of a grasp of the price of things, I really appreciate the practical gift. If you're practical like my Mom, here are some things fashionable women are always in need of:

Socks I always need more plain colored socks, more knee socks, and more argyle socks. I wear them so much, they're all thin in the heel if not holey in the toe. If you're worried your giftee already has enough socks, spoil her with some in wool, modal or cashmere.

Tights If it's not socks, it's tights. Tights have the disadvantage though of being a bit fragile. I could always use more of the colors I have and more colors to add to my rotation.

Camisoles As with socks and tights, camis are worn nearly every day and as such receive heavy washing. So chances are good your giftee could use more to replace what's worn out, add new colors to the wardrobe, or just as a backup when one's in the wash. You can always mix it up by camis with embellished necklines too.

Layering Tees When it gets cold, I layer tees and camis under whatever I'm wearing so I stay snuggly warm. I could always use more colors and more necklines.

Face Cream I only need to purchase eye cream and face cream maybe once a year, but that stuff isn't exactly cheap. It is, however, a great gift price. So take a peak in the medicine cabinet or strike up a casual conversation about skin care and buy accordingly.

Slippers They don't have the longest of lives, and backups are always appreciated. Who doesn't like warm feet?

What do you always find yourself needing?


Jennifer Wells said…
I think that a luxury lip balm or lip gloss would be fantastic.

I love packaging of the Dior lip glosses, although I have not tried them yet.
Anonymous said…
nice post!

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