Fashion 'Round the Web

Where can I get tickets to Chinese Fashion Week, because these outfits are awesomely insane.

Two things I love have joined forces! Photographer Peter Lippman staged photo replicas of  old paintings, and he added some Louboutins to each. (NSFW)

The Hairpin (which I'm loving) has a column called "Ask A Clean Person" (which is revolutionizing my dirty life) and said Clean Person has much to say about your smelly, scuffy, dirty shoes.

Conquer the beehive hairdo with tips from A Beautiful Mess.

Tea With The Vintage Baroness shares my love of Miss Lemon's spot on 1930s wardrobe in Poirot.

If you want to follow my sewing adventures, I'm posting weekly lessons learned and projects finished at In Which Paris Sews.


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