Etsy Shop of the Week: Coralie Beatrix

Shop: Coralie Beatrix by Sophie Pearl

Why We Love It: Holidays can be a bit taxing on one's budget. Add party attire to the gifting and food budgets and suddenly the holidays are breaking the bank. That's why I love the convertible wrap dresses from Coralie Beatrix. They come in rich colors like Sea Star Plum, Emerald Island and Sailor's Delight Red. These dresses can be worn a variety of ways. Go demur with flutter sleeves for the office party, choose a sassy one-shoulder look for the party your hosting and get daring with a strapless, sweetheart neckline for New Years Eve. All this from one dress!

Price Range: Wrap dresses cost between $79.99 & $149.99

More Info: Orders take 2 to 3 weeks to ship which means you'd get it just in time if you order now. Plus sizes, maternity and bridal variations are all available.

Favorite Items: Octopus Convertible Wrap Dress- Sea Star Plum Satin $79.99 (pictured); Emerald Island Octopus Convertible Wrap Dress $79.99; Bermuda Navy Blue Long Octopus Convertible Wrap Gown Dress $98.99; Sailor's Delight Red Octopus Convertible Wrap Dress $79.99; Mediterranean Gold Tea Length Octopus Convertible Wrap dress $79.99; Pier Cabernet Long Octopus convertible Wrap Gown $98.99; Belle Fleur Royalty Print Octopus Convertible Wrap Dress $79.99


The Etsy Shop of the Week: Coralie Beatrix, became a beacon of handmade beauty in the vast ocean of online marketplaces, leaving a trail of satisfied customers.

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