Colorful Boots

This is Fashion Me Fabulous' fifth winter and thus the fifth post I've done on colorful boots. I've gathered you like colorful boots. I shouldn't be surprised. One of the first steps to having a great wardrobe is to jazz up your footwear. Curiously, I don't know anyone who owns colorful boots. (Aside from my superhero friends, but your secret identity is safe with me, Rachel!) Do you have colorful boots? What's your favorite outfit to wear them with? Show us on Facebook!

Top: red button knee boot, Miz Mooz "Siri" on Endless $239.95
 purple button knee boots, Poetic Licence "Toughen Up" on Endless $199
blue platform lace up boot, Steve Madden "Carnaby" at Nordstrom $99 (sale)
olive knee boot, Aetrex "Essence" on Zappos $199.95
pink combat style boot, Betsey Johnson "Caylin" on Endless $189.95
Bottom:  burgundy lace up knee boot, Madison Harding "Siouxsie" on Endless $194.12
blue buckle flat boot, Aerosoles "Sarasota" on Endless $160
orange colorblock platform ankle boot, Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" at Norstrom $159.95
purple platform wedge lace up ankle boot, Two Lips at DSW $89.95
green suede ankle boot, Jeffrey Campbell "Elliemay" on DNA Footwear $179.99


Fanya said…
I have a pair of pink camo cowboy boots for 5 years and wear them at least 4 month/yr:

Because they match nothing, I wear them with everything: any colored pants (flared or skinny) or short shorts or above knee skirts. They make your legs look stubby in midi skirt, but that's about it. It doesn't matter how blah my outfit is, I just thrust my feet in and I'm good to go.

Only problem is since I wear these all the time, all the party shoes look pretty tame and lame and painful...
Jael Paris said…
Those are some major boots, Fanya!
becca said…
The green suede boots. Why did you have to post the green suede boots? Now all I can think about are those amazing green suede boots....

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