Paris Fashion Week SS12: Manish Arora, Paco Rabanne,

Who: Manish Arora
What it made us think of: Me: "I'm looking at this really cool show but I don't know what to say about it. I'm getting the feeling of an Egyptian bird space." Hubby: "So Stargate then."
What we liked: birds, intricate details, metallic, (shockingly) the shoes, funky makeup, Wacktackular but plenty of wearability here for people who aren't Katy Perry.
What we didn't: I liked a lot of things, but there were germ ideas for several shows here. I'd have rather seen them broken apart and developed more.Who: Paco Rabanne
Why I'm excited: Manish Arora is helming the revival of this 60s house of flamboyance. Win.
What we liked: hips!, sharp shoulders, the alligator shatter effect, metallic, crazy hats, paper dresses, perfect fits

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