Pick of the Week: Turquoise Loafers

I'm beyond in love with these shoes. The bright, playful color contrasts perfectly with the professional cut and block heel. Wearing these to work could almost be considered an act of defiance -- "You may have my body for eight hours a day, but you can't trap my spirit!" They're perfect for colorblocking or for livening up a tired outfit. Lucky Penny's glossed loafers are a treated leather, not a sweltering faux patent. They're $168 at Anthropologie and are also available in a dark moss shade. I want to wear them with everything. Here's how I've had fun styling them this week:
Fall Out Loud


Peacock Struts Into Work

How would you wear these shoes?


Anonymous said…
I would wear those shoes with a really sleek suit! Something that really shows off my curves and says business on top, party on the bottom ;-)

~ B
Jennifer Wells said…
Masterful work, madame. I have a lot to learn.
becca said…
My brother, who is a mechanical engineer and by no means a fashion-y guy, saw my Anthropologie catalog and said "Those are awesome shoes. You should get those."

Now if only he wanted to buy them for me...
Fanya said…
How did I miss this post the first time? I LOVE the style, the color, the platform and not-too-high heels.

Darn it, I was looking for these exact shoes in black 2 years ago but now I have a pair, this will have to go in my wish list until price comes down. Do you know if anthropologie go on sales or have coupons often?
becca said…

Anthropologie doesn't have sales often, but anything that doesn't sell out goes on pretty good clearance. You just have to stalk what you want to see if it goes on sale.

If you have a store near you, you can sign up for the Anthro club and they'll send you a 15% off coupon (store-only) for your birthday, but that's the only coupon I've ever seen.

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