Project Design: Tutu To You

Project Design is our friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Tutus make excellent summer skirts, they also layer well with other skirts to work as a frilly overlay or a fun petticoat. Which tutu makes you want to twirl?

Fantasy Tutu by wildkin
Easy Ballerina Tutu by BohemianPrep
Ballet Inspired Short Tutu by TutusChic
Unique Crochet Tutu by kovale
Layered Tulle Skirt by elbling
Pettiskirt Red and Pink by DawnsAtelier
Yellow & White Dip-Dyed Tutu by favioandfran
Our polling system seems to be broken. Please vote for your favorite by commenting below.


Anonymous said…
Broken polling system means we can pick two favorites, right?

Because I really like both Easy Ballerina Tutu by BohemianPrep and Ballet Inspired Short Tutu by TutusChic

They're all cute, though!
Susanelle said…
That's me above; I didn't mean to be anonymous.
Jennifer Wells said…
It's like making me choose between my children. *weeps*

Okay, the gray ballet-inspired one.
rachel said…
Number 3. I think that's the one the other people said too.
Fanya said…
the gray/black (3rd) one and the black dress are classy.

But if I had to pick, I'd get the last one cuz it can be worn alone or as a petticoat under a slightly too short skirt
black tutu said…
Love the 3rd dress, so pretty xx

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