Kate Nash's Silver Eyeliner

In an effort to expand a teenager's musical taste beyond Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, I've been watching and sharing a lot of music videos lately. Kate Nash, who is adorable and amazing, has a kitschy retro flight attendant video for her song "Do-Wah-Doo." I can't quite tell if she has rhinestones at the base of her lashes or if she swooped silver liner over her black. We'll leave the former option to British pop stars, but a swipe of silver eyeliner over an otherwise bare lid sounds like a fun way to dress up a sleepy day. Drug store staple, Revlon, has a standard pencil liner ($8.49 at Target) that looks like it has plenty of sparkle. Sephora has a waterproof option ($12) and a super glittery gel liner ($12). Happy eyes for everyone!


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