Fantasy Shopping for becca's Birthday

Happy birthday, becca! Time for some fantasy shopping.

You've been getting crafty for the last year or so and are frustrated by the need for a sewing machine. Sounds like you need a programmable sewing machine like this Singer available at Target that has 100 pre-set stitches and can do button holes!
Because of an injury, you've been rocking flats for a while. You need these red suede oxfords because you would totally rock red suede shoes. (I also happen to think red looks awesome on you and you need to wear it more.) But if I'm going to give you all sorts of expensive presents, I may as well magically fix your foot. Fixed! Now you can wear these tough chick sandals from Donna Karan.Anthropologie's hardware necklace straddles the line between tough chick and feminine chic. Because I know it breaks your heart that you can't make it to New York for the Savage Beauty exhibit, here's a signature McQueen skull scarf to keep you company in Detroit.


becca said…
I love fantasy shopping! So many pretties....
Rachel said…
Nice choices :) Now I want to go real-life shopping with becca!

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