Project Design: Ring Around the Rabbit

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

These bunnies might now be made of chocolate, but I wouldn't mind finding one of these cute rabbit rings in my Easter basket Sunday morning. Which one do you want to hop into your hand?

Rabbit & His Flower Ring by cutecharmjewelry
What's Up Doc Ring by The GoldenPlague
Super Cute Rabbit Ring by cutecharmjewelry*
Cute Fatty Bunny Ring by Fashionsbyizzie
White Rabbit & Wonderland Keys by TimeinFantasy
Bunny Ring by aprimiao
Jack Rabbit Filigree Ring by BigBisous

*This item was previously listed from a shop called hotstuff2011. That shop no longer has items for sale, but another shop had the identical item. The old shop is listed in the poll, but the correct shop appears with the photo and link.


all are sweet but the first one is my choice! lovely findings!
happy Easter to you!
Fanya said…
I can't decide between 1 and 3 so was trying to look at the price. The link for Super Cute Rabbit Ring by hotstuff2011 (3rd one) isn't working. =(
Fanya said…
nvm, #3 the Super Cute Rabbit Ring is actually
becca said…
Thanks for the heads up. The shop I found that from has erased their inventory, but its the same ring and photo from the shop you linked to. Must have been a copy.

Thanks for the new link!
Crisanto said…
Nice jewelry design.
You give an idea to design animal jewelry for Kids or animal lovers

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