Princess Fashion

Tomorrow the world will have a new Princess. Five-year-old me is running around in a fluffy pink dress and squealing with delight. I was a Disney Princess girl all the way (Of the princesses pictured here, Belle is my favorite. She's a brunette who reads).

For all five-year-old yous out there in love with princess and all of you mourning the death of a teenage dream to marry Prince William, don't worry. We can still dress up in grown-up versions of our favorite princess looks.






Tina Marie said…
Love the Cinderella dress.....I want to be a princess....
Snow White composition is my favourite (love the shoes) but I would wear Cinderella by myself, it is the best for me.
I like this post a lot.
And don't worry - prince Harry is still free!
Fanya said…
lol! I love your interpretation!

Belle was my favorite, too. I remember after watching the movie for the first time I actually dreamed (as in went to sleep and dreamed) I was belle and was wearing a yellow dress and dancing with the beast on the balcony.

I also remember being fascinated by Cinderella's yellow hair and tried to color my hair yellow using a highlighter (I'm asian...and was a wee kid at the time).

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