The question isn't so much if you love or loathe these cute yellow pumps. "Eyeconic" by Poetic License ($94 at Lori's Shoes) has a kitchy, adorable charm that will appeal to all but the most serious. I'd want to wear them with a blue seersucker dress or jeans with a coral silk blouse. But I imagine both of those outfits being worn on a weekend. Would you wear these shoes with their indomitable cheer to the office? Would they help you fight the drudgery of TPS reports or would their glee be out of place in a budget meeting?


I would love to wear them. My feet also!
becca said…
I might skip them for a job interview (unless the company was an arty one), but I'm pretty sure I'd wear them to the office all the time.
Fanya said…
Casual Friday. Depends on your position, but if you are a manager or boss or have people under you or going to meetings with important people or boss, I would not wear this. But if the company I work for have casual fridays, that's when I would wear the fun clothe I want to wear to office but am not sure if its appropriate.

(Love the heels btw, I would wear it to office with gray sweater tights, skirt suit and a colorful scarf or shirt/blouse

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