Etsy Shop of the Week: Dominique Ansari

Shop: Dominique Ansari

Why We Love It: Soft, flowing jersey clothes are great investments. They travel well, work for many occasions and couldn't be more comfortable. Plus, unique designs like these will stand out from the crowd.

Price Range: $29.98 to $398.98

More Info: Visit Dominique Ansari's website for more info, pictures and designs.

Favorite Items: Essence Convertible Dress $209.98 (pictured); Dahlia Scalloped Dress $179.99; Goddess Gown Maxi Dress $359.98; Glory Harem Pant Capri-length Jumpsuit $169.98; Enchantress Baby Doll Dress $139.98; Aura One-shoulder Mid-calf Dress $104.98; Forbidden Poet-Sleeve Jacket Shrug $49.98


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