Ancicipating The Met Gala

Jocks have March Madness. Comic geeks have ComicCon. Fashion nerds have the annual Costume Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met Gala, with it's themes and commissions from the fashion elite, is bigger and more fun than the Oscars. It's a time when those crazy dream dresses are worn are by guest list more concerned with impressing Anna Wintour (who's a co-chair of the event) than with impressing E!'s Fashion Police (who won't be invited).

While I wish this Alexander McQueen exhibition were done under better circumstances, I'm thrilled that in a few days I'll be in New York looking at these clothes. Not being able to stand another minute of waiting, I ran out to buy this month's Vogue so I could ogle the Steven Meisel snapped editorial "Alexander The Great." (Click for super size.)

The party to kick off the event is Monday. I'm crossing my fingers that McQueen will be worn well and that Lady Gaga will remember it's not her party. I'll have a recap for you Tuesday. The following Tuesday, I will be at the Met myself. I'll take plenty of pictures and tell you all about it when I come back home to unfanciful Indiana.


Tina Marie said…
Wow, those photos are Ah-Mazing :)
rachel said…
So jealous of you. Take a million pictures.
rachel said…
So jealous of you. Take a million pictures.

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