Poll: Runway Beauty

The Fall Winter 2011 runways had too many bare faces, and a huge battle between thick and bleached eyebrows. We have that and few more fun looks for you to vote on.

Silvery eyes and nude lips at Chanel
Red lips and bleached brows at Giles
Bright lips and heavy brows at Nina Ricci
Orange eyeshadow and peach lips at Dries Van Noten
Green eyeshadow and a half moon manicure at 3.1 Phillip Lim


Hope said…
Love the Nina Ricci look!!

Fanya said…
Orange eyeshadow and peachy lips! I have naturally thick eyebrows, but that orange eyeshadow and peachy lips is my go-to make up for everything except special occasions (which calls for more drama). Well, I also like orange because I'm asian and one of the oddballs that LIKE the fact orange accentuate the yellow in my skin =P

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