Free People need a dictionary

Clearly, we have a different definition of 'free'. I understand that it is used properly in the context of the bohemian spirit of the shop, but somewhere along the lines I fear and its vision have lost their way.

I could write an essay on all the things that are amiss with this shop, but my outrage peaks in the accessories category. Let's examine this vintage yellow knit hat.

First of all, it's crochet, not knit. That's a personal gripe, not a fashion-specific one. But, if you're going to sell vintage, you should probably know a bit about common vintage detailing.

However, that detail pales in comparison to the criminality that is the price. $128 is utterly ludicrous, and I'll tell you why. I crochet. I know the time, effort, and cost of materials that go into making hats. I've made many, many hats. An openwork pattern like that takes, at most, a couple of hours to make. Unless it is made of some sort of exotic fiber (and I would be willing to bet real money based on the fraying that it's plain ol' acrylic yarn) there is no way that there is more than $10 worth of yarn in that hat.

I want a job where my profit margin is that high.

I want to support small businesses that specialize in vintage because it is such a niche market that relies heavily on a relatively small customer base, but I cannot condone exorbitant pricing of products where the materials, the craftsmanship, and the rarity of the item and/or ease of reproduction in no way justify the cost. It's an insult to true vintage items and a disservice to customers. Please, nobody spend over $100 on a hat crocheted out of acrylic yarn.


Fanya said…
Seconded! Thirded! Fourthed! and fifthed if I could!

The only thing I ever brought from FP is a designer rip off selling for $200 when original price was $900 (of course the quality is bad, seriously, it was only worth $100). But I just don't understand the pricings for their clothe (except for some jackets). Its not fur or leather, and most of the time its not even silk. I just can't justify more than $50 for majority of what they have
Kari. said…
wow ... I just returned a bunch of stuff that I got from there, mostly because I was so disgusted by how it was packaged. It came in a box that twice as big as it should have been so it had been crushed. They had only used one piece of tape, so it was a wonder that everything was still in the box! Then inside was a disaster! One item was a blazer -- it was stuffed inside this plastic bag, like you would get a newspaper in. It was so wrinkled that I didn't even want to try it on. I was flabbergasted! I get more care in my purchases at a flea market.
Emily said…
Maybe it's made of super-special, high-end cashmere! lol

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