Doctor Who is Back! (ish)

IMDB informed me Doctor Who was returning on Sunday. [Collective nerd squeal!] Then I learned IMDB lied to me, and the new season won't start for another month. [Tears.] If I had a time-traveling police call box, this wouldn't be a problem.

For the uninitiated, Doctor Who is Britain's most beloved sci-fi series; it's sometimes campy and always kind. After watching so many shows where the biggest gun wins, it's refreshing to jump into adventure unarmed. Please allow Craig Ferguson and his company of non-sequitors to further explain. Celebrate with me by shopping.

UO Feather Collar
$48 -

Converse slim shoes
$50 -

OhsoBoho studded jewelry
$103 -

Metal jewelry
$28 -

Hair bow accessory
$17 -


Hvit said…
Doctor Who is awesome. I squealed (inwardly) when you said it was Sunday, and then went all sad!
But still, nice set, and I can wear my Doctor Who scarf tomorrow to cheer me up again. :D
emma said…
So excited that you posted this, I love dr who
and all the items above.
I really want to buy a bow tie (they are so cool)
Any ideas on how to rock a bow tie?
Jael Paris said…
Emma, my favorite way to work a bow tie is to dress like a nervous Old West accountant.
Rachel said…
Can't wait for Doctor Who!! I love that "run" is one of your quotes :)

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