New York FW 2011: Philosophy, Jen Kao, Jeremy Scott

Who: Philosophy
What it made us think of: Easter, 1965
What we liked: pleat skirts, pastel plaid, 60s silhouettes, adorable coats, lace, mary janes
What we didn't: Look, I understand clothing is becoming seasonless, but I just can't wear this for fall/winter.
Who: Jen Kao
What it made us think of: If I were a space princess-punker in Rio, this is what I'd wear.
What we liked: navy satin combat boots, fringe, brights for fall, structured jackets, sparkle tights, the knit that looks like chain mail,
What we didn't: macreme, pants with accordion pleat flaresWho: Jeremy Scott
What it made us think of: This is the sort of cheek Heatherette was going for with their trashy nightmares.
What we liked: metal mesh tanks, hot pink furry shoes, stoles that looked like plushie carnival prizes, colorful stripes, skeleton knits, a crystal embellished clear rain coat, mary janes
What we didn't: Much more Spring/Summer than Fall/Winter.
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