Love or Loathe: Heavy Shoes

Heavy shoes are the hot thing right now. Big wedges, thick straps, multiple buckles, and platforms. Statements that can't be missed. I constantly see people complain about them when they appear on the red carpet. "Shoes should be dainty!" they cry. "Those aren't flattering!"

All of these shoes are available at Sole Struck.

This trend can certainly be difficult to style, but that in and of themselves doesn't make heavy shoes ugly. When an actress shows up at the premier her movie in a bouncy dress and platform wedges with a wide ankle strap, she looks shackled, not grounded. But if you have other heavy, casual pieces, your outfit has balance.
I'm not sure Karl thinks about how the shoes fit the clothes for Chanel, because I can't imagine these pieces really being worn together. At Rick Owens, however, the leather top and heavy folded skirt were matched with ankle foofs.

Heavy shoes aren't for everyone. If you love dressing like a Mad Men character, these just won't look right. But if you're into 90's throwbacks and modern cuts, they're often the perfect period to your look. Of course, some of us just like shoes that stand out from the outfit. Weigh in below with your thoughts.


Kaylee said…
I don't think that heavy shoes would be right for me. I am very thin and have slightly big feet for my body (I'm hoping I'll grow into them) and heavy shoes would make my feet stand out even more! so, I'm goig to have to say LOATH! ( but not on everyone :) )

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