Project Design Gift Guide: Unique Soaps

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

We all have the person on our Christmas list, the one who has everything. Over the years you've sent her every gourmet food, every latest gift gimmick and you still rack your brain for something she will use, maybe even need a little so you can offer her a gift as thoughtful as the cards and gifts she sends you. Bath sets always seem like a nice idea, but they also seem like such a cop out. The bath set is the gift you give when you don't know what to give. However, Etsians have an offering of unique soaps so broad you're bound to find one (or several) to fit her personality and surprise her with something she hasn't seen or tried before. (Also, most of these are very affordable so you could easily assemble your own unique mix for a bath kits that is sure to delight.)

Candy Cane Cupcake Bath Bomb by CandiedBeauty
Crumble into under running water to fizz and foam in a soft, peppermint scented bath.
Fruity Gummy Bear Soap by LoveLeeSoaps
You could also package the sweet soap with her favorite gummy candies, or even a real giant gummy bear.
Paintbox Custom Soap Sampler by PaintboxSoapWorks
Choose your own mix of soap scents and throw in a gift certificate so she can purchase her favorites.
Sweet Treats Soap Gift Box by KcSoapsNmore
This set even comes wrapped in a little bakery box. Send with homemade macaroons if you're up to the baking challenge.
Pillow Mint Whipped Soap by FairyBubbles
Whipped chocolate and light peppermint lather up for a scrumptious shower.


rachel said…
These are all lovely! Except now I want to go to the patissiere and get nummies.
Anonymous said…
omg all so cute!! xx

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