Love or Loate: Barrettes

Barrettes were all over the spring runways...

Do not want. All I can think of is Elaine Benes and her fizzy poof pulled back from her face with a sad little clip. They never held my hair well, even at it's curliest, but they always managed to rip out a chunk in the hinge.

I can imagine a black or tortoiseshell clip working well accenting a French twist, but as a ponytail replacement? And the more elaborate barrettes, like these Cuteberry barrettes available at, are way too twee to get near my baby face.

Are you excited about the resurgence of the barrettes or will you keep the hinges off your head?


Alison said…
Oh I used to love barrettes. I wore them most everyday through high school and later as an adult I wore the sparkley ones. Now however, I just haven't seen the need for them. I have curly hair too and hate when they tear out chunks of the hair I have worked so hard at making healthy.
Or said…
This is so beautiful and sweet , I just start lately to make barrettes with my 11 ears old dauther,I found great guides on youtube.
Catie D. said…
The only thing barrets are good for is keeping my curly hair well fed.

Not friendly for curlicues!

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