The Horror: Stop It While You Can

No. Top Shop, you cannot legitimizes Kesha's pleas for attention. Do not contribute to garbage chic. This cannot be a thing, only a disease.Do not style girls wearing so much face glitter that it actually looks like dirt. Do not encourage the wearing of feathered headdresses. You may not be aware since you're a British store, but that's an issue here in the States. While we may have lost the fight against pantslessness in certain metropolitan areas, AT LEAST CLOSE YOUR FREAKING LEGS. You can't deny your plot, Top Shop. A combination of tie-dyed fringed leggings, a torn shirt under a mangy vest, and a bizarre and possibly culturally inappropriate hat, lead to one place, and I don't want to crawl in that dumpster.


Cait Throop said…
Eeeeuuuu!!! That vest is gross and the whole garbage thing seems like a cry for help! I agree...close your legs--they look a little young to be hookers!
Catie D said…
Firstly, those two models are far too skinny. It is borderline disgusting.

And if I wanted to look like Kesha, *ahem* Ke$ha, I just wouldn't shower for two and a half weeks.
Amber said…
I'm confused by why you think feathered headdresses are 'an issue'. They are not an inherently racist (or whatever you think they are) thing. The headdress she is wearing is not that nice, but apart from that there's nothing wrong with it... If you are right, then no designer would ever be able to make references to other cultures in their work, or even use items/colors reminiscent of some other culture.
Jael Paris said…
Amber, it's not that I think they're wrong, but there are some people very offended by Kesha wearing a feathered headdress so frequently. That people are debating it makes it an issue. (I'm trying to find the article I read about it, but I'm on my lunch and have limited time.) Personally, I find the topic of cultural appropriation fascinating if not occasionally silly.
Anonymous said…
i am a teacher in a country that... well... let's just say has a history when it comes to offending and mistreating other countries, and i pay a lot of attention to teaching my kids respect for other cultures, but for god's sake, get over yourself - native americans did not invent feathers. even if you relativize the point you raised in your blog - which is in itself kind of lame - you calling it an issue is making it one.
there is such a thing as being too pc.
am i offending the french by wearing a beret?
i didn't think so, either.
Jael Paris said…
There is such a thing as being too pc, I agree. But I believe the issue in question wasn't that she was wearing something Native American (or else people would freak out about all sorts of things that have been adopted) but rather that Kesha in particular had adopted something ceremonial for pop use. And no, you're not offending the French by wearing a beret, but if you did, would you still wear it?
Vicki said…
A beret is not a sacred symbol. The feathers in Native American headdresses are. So, no, to answer your question, they did not invent feathers. But they did assign spiritual significance to them. Christians didn't invent the cross, but it's still a symbol of their faith. Jews didn't invent the six-pointed star, but it's a symbol of their faith. Were those symbols to be used flippantly or without respect, the outcry would be huge. Just because the feather isn't as instantly recognized for its symbolism to the Native Americans, that doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve respect. Ignorance is not an excuse.
Catie D. said…
...Isn't the fact that you must, y'know, kill birds to obtain the feathers kind of an issue now? If GaGa can't wear a meat dress, why should Ke$sha, someone with 1/64 of the talent, be able to wear a feathered hat? Plus, regardless of the hat, this look is still ugly. Can you see anyone with class actually wearing this? No. Meryl Streep would NEVER be caught dead in this (unless it was some sort of Halloween joke).

And actually, the majority of French find the beret homey, and old-fashioned, much like AMericans find the straw farmers hat. So, you would not be insulting a Frechman - you'd only be embarassing yourself.

Quite frankly, I'm upset that something as fun as this blog must lay waste to such catty comments.

An opinion is an opinion. Fashion is opinionated. Get over it, or don't wear it.
Jael Paris said…
Catie, the image of Meryl Streep wearing this is golden! :-)
Vicki said…
Catie, you don't have to kill birds for their feathers. They shed them naturally (moulting) and regularly. That said, certain birds, like the bald eagle, have protected status which means that you cannot simply go collect their feathers UNLESS you are Native American... because they have special permission due to the spiritual symbolism of those feathers.

Which works to support our shared point anyway, so all is well. :)
Anonymous said…
I like feathers!

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