Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Lanvin
What it made us think of: A story in subtle textures
What we liked: long full skirts, harnesses, dress halves zipped together, Matrix sunglasses, color
What we didn't: The more Calvin Klein spins on minimalism. A four-digit price tag can't make it more than a sheath dress.Who: Tao
What it made us think of: Girls who contract cases of the vapors and faint dramatically in Victorian literature.
What we liked: Suessian hair and hats, ruching, colorful flats with monochrome clothes, ruffles
What we didn't: unflattering sheer bitsWho: Ann Demeulemeester
What it made us think of: Black and white photography of buildings
What we liked: funnel necks, graphic prints, buckles
What we didn't: mullet skirts, clunky boots
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Model Fashion said…
I LOVED the flowing skirts Lanvin featured. And Ann Demeulemeester was very bold. I didn't like everything she featured, but none the less well put together.

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