But Not A Real Green Dress...That's Cruel

I'm always hunting for the perfect green dress. I just love green dresses. A few years ago, I found a green summer dress so perfect I practically forced a friend to buy it as well making us "green dress twins." She recently told me hers died, which launched me into a hunt for new green dresses. After all, I don't have a perfect green dress for fall yet.

Leaf Boho Dress, Old Navy $25.99
V-Neck Tea Dress, ASOS $47.18
Dark Green Sack Dress, Yoox $80
Ruffle Trim Dress, Bluefly $74 (perfect with a cardi)

Turtle neck Sweater Dress, Victoria's Secret $49
Artichoke V-Neck Sweater Dress, Victoria's Secret $59
Drop Waist Pleat Dress, Victoria's Secret $59


Catie D. said…
An emerald green dress can either go two ways: WOnderfully beautiful (Keira Knightly in Atonement, anyone?) or horribly, horribly tacky, like a human grasshopper.
Lesa said…
I love the Old Navy dress! Can't believe it from there. Green is an iffy color for me. I love it, but it can really wash me out.

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