New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Betsey Johnson
What it made us think of: If the Village People, drag queens, lingerie models and party girls raced the Tour de France on acid
What we liked: Jackets, socks, classic Betsey Frocks, bright belts, ribcage romper (as a shirt, not a romper--are you listening, buyers?), black & white, oxford shoes, yellow, long dresses, car & gun prints on frilly dresses
What we didn't: "Ride Me" Necklaces (lets hope that's not all we're getting for spring), bare midriffs, mostly sheer dresses
Who: Suno
What it made us think of: How we might still dress if our mothers hadn't insisted we match when heading off to school
What we liked: shoes, prints, swimsuits, sundresses
What we didn't: jumpsuits, pants that looks like clowns pajamas
Who: L.A.M.B.
What it made us think of: Vintage Gwen
What we liked: Bold prints, fun separates, dresses, pants, jackets, bags
What we didn't: bare midriffs, peek-a-boo belly button tops, 90s crop tanks
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my favourite is LAMB designs! The blue tartan outfit is just great!!

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