London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Jonathan Saunders
What it made us think of: Neon goes soft and preppy
What we liked: ankle wrap shoes, simple button shirts, sheer details, perfect ponytails
What we didn't: the random black that ended the showWho: Basso & Brooke
What it made us think of: Memento scraps
What we liked: per usual the prints
What we didn't: No shoes shots! There wasn't a common thread (no pun intended) in the style or silhouettes; all that connected these looks was the prints.Who: Marios Schwab
What it made us think of: A middle aged former rocker trying (poorly) to adjust to the PTA lifestyle.
What we liked: leather, harnesses
What we didn't: Joan Jett hair, long leather shorts, lingerie dresses with a Forever 21 level of polish. While I normally love tattoo prints, these didn't work.

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Anonymous said…
Who: Marios Schwab
What it made me think of: Kristen Stewart
Anonymous said…
thats only because she had to play joan jett so had that hair style! please jj is far more iconic than K stew could ever be

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