We're Trying Something New...Also, Money

For summer, I spent two weeks picking out the essential summer wardrobe and styling 22 different outfits to illustrate it. It was certainly both one of my hardest posts to write and my most rewarding (shh! Don't tell me otherwise), but I can't muster it again for fall. Just thinking of paring down dresses has me in knots.

But maybe I don't need to narrow the selection. Maybe I can pack the post with our fall favs (in all their available colors) along with the hottest trends of the season. More for you to play with, really.

"Play with?" you ask. Yes. You see, I'm not making 22 sets this season. You are. Using Polyvore's new mini-editor, you're going to be able to make as many outfits as you like with our pretend closet. And the more you make, the better your chances of winning $1000.

That's right. $1000.

This mini-editor is new, and Polyvore is holding a contest for those using it. If Fashion Me Fabulous has the best participation with the editor we'll receive a $1000 Visa gift card (good toward anything) and Polyvore will select one of you to win a second $1000 Visa gift card.

The editor is below with all our items and even some fall themed pictures toward the end. A post about why we chose these items will be up Tuesday. For official contest rules, see Polyvore. You do not need a Polyvore account to publish sets.

Start styling! The contest wraps Sept. 7th.

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Vicki said…
I played around with this some more tonight. I REALLY like the last one I did, with the candy apples. Please pat me on the head and tell me I done good. <3

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