Pick Of The Week: Maybelline Superstay

Hands down, lipstick is my favorite makeup; often it's the only makeup I'll wear. But I hate having to babysit a bold lip. I have to wipe it off my husband's cheek, double check for the dreaded lip liner look after eating, and make sure it doesn't settle into the cracks of my lips making me look strange. My red stain over-dries me, but if I put gloss on it, it wipes off.

Wanting to avoid that for the marathon of being a bridesmaid, I went hunting for a good lip stain. Maybelline's Superstay lip color, which the bride and I wore in different shades, endured blazing sunshine, rounds of snacking, hours of smiling, several toasts and countless kisses without budging at all.

The instructions say to make sure the color is dry before applying the glossy moisturizer. I didn't do this once and ended up with the lip liner look. The color is a stain, so be careful when applying it; it's difficult to wipe off without makeup remover. The only downside to this lip color is that you have to keep up with applying the moisturize. Even then, that's not too bad. If your lips feel dry, it's time to whip it out, and you don't need a mirror like when you reapply lipstick.

Maybelline Superstay is only $6.99 at Target and is available in a variety of common colors.


Pandora said…
i've been using that same lipstick for a while.. and i LOVE IT.
I dont have to worry everytime i drink something.. it just stays there. =) very good advice
Susan said…
These look promising. Looking forward to try it.

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