The Horror: Side Effects May Occur

Any other week, this bright swirly blouse from Marc Jacobs would be a love or loathe. I certainly understand it's psychedelic 60s appeal and the fun contrast of a conservative shape with a loud neon print. (Its versatility is another matter altogether.) But this week I'm recovering from having all four wisdom teeth removed. The pain medications have already reduced me to a dizzy, vomiting mess and the mere sight of this shirt made my head spin. We've certainly featured some doozies in The Horror, but this is the first one to literally make me gag. Sorry, Marc.


Rachel said…
It's not just the drugs... it really is The Horror.
Pandora said…
oh my fashion GOD!!!! ok, i usually give everything the benefict of the doubt.. but.. NOT THIS SHIRT..!! HORROOOORR!!

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