Cute Carry-ons

When I travel, I like to take the max size carry-on bag. I stuff it with toiletries, spare underwear, a few changes of clothes, and anything else I may need in case of a long layover or lost luggage. With a trip to Japan coming up in August, I have a few things to think about in the suitcase department.

Thankfully, one of our readers already thought some of this through. She's looking for a suitcase that won't be a hassle to take on the plane but can also stand the abuse of being checked in. It needs to be able to hold several days worth of stuff. She'd also like a pocket on the outside, something I can take or leave depending on the purse situation. On top of all that, it needs to stand out. If you've ever stood at the carousel waiting for your bag, fighting with your mother over which black bag is yours, you know exactly why.Top: teal faux croc rolling suitcase, Kathy Van Zeeland on $101.99
orange geometric rolling suitcase, Richardo Beverly Hills on Luggage Online $134.99
lime hardshell with pocket, J World on $72.99
Bottom: green swirl hard shell, Heys USA on $99.99
purple rolling duffle, Diane von Furstenberg on Luggage Online $61.56
dot hard shell spinner case, Landor and Hawa at Luggage Online $97.56


Fanya said…
I love the first one, the dark green croc patterned luggage. It won't show dirt easily and looks durable.

Love the polka dotted one!!!

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