Love or Loathe: Too Much?

becca and I noticed a display of loud bags at Marshall's. We couldn't decided if they had too many do-dads and shinys. The bags, by Nicole Lee, are coated in every bit of fringe, stud, grommet, chain, skin, ruffle and metal mesh imaginable. becca liked the grey version of the bag in question but thought the pink treaded into tacky. I didn't like either, but I like some of the designer's other offerings. Their chaos seems more organized, or maybe I'm picking out the best of a bad lot. What do you think of Nicole Lee's bag designs?
The pictured bags are all available at The Buckle.


Cyndle said…
I don't know, I can't imagine myself carrying any of those. I sure love some fringe and even a load of hardware, but most of these look like someone let a little girl run wild gluing crap on bags. The only one that really looks cohesive is the yellow flower one, but that's not my style at all. I think I'd rather rock this:
Nikia Jefferson said…
I'm not really a fan of most of Nicole Lee's bags. I did pick up a studded one at TJ Maxx that I love. I receive many compliments on it too. With designers like Nicole Lee, you sometimes have to bypass a lot of garbage to get to the diamond in the rough.
Fanya said…
hmm...I sorta like the black and white print one with tassle drawstring.

altho right now I have too many bags (2 totes, 2 laptop totes, 2 big purse, 2 normal purse, 2 crossbody purse, 2 small purse, 1 backpack purse, 1 rubiks cube purse). The 2s are either structure vs. unstructured, or casual vs. formal.
Fanya said…
And that's not counting big travel-ish bags (backpacks, duffles and luggage).

I usually sort by style instead of designers. For designer bags, too much hit or miss with quality and style for the price tag.

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