The Horror: It Hits Me In My Dumpy Place

A recent eyeballing of women at the grocery store as well as a reader suggestion prompted the following public service announcement: Stop buying pants that hit your mid-calf.

With body lines, you never want to hit the widest part of anything (unless you're going for something odd and unconventional, then by all means). A horizontal line going through the widest spot on your chest makes your breasts look small and misshapen. Hitting the widest part of your stomach or hips will make each look wider. And a strong horizontal through the widest part of your calf makes you look short. It looks even dumpier when the offending capris have wide legs.

If you want to wear capri pants without hitting your dumpy place, buy a pair that hits just below your calf. (See Audrey for reference.) Pair them with flats for a breezy European flair or with foot-baring heels to lengthen your legs.

Ugly example provided by The Gap. I didn't think you really wanted a link to the product.


Sarah Dee said…
Hooray to informing the public of hideous pants length... might I suggest the next one? Crocs? (is it only me who cringes in horror at the holey ugliness of crocs?)

LyddieGal said…
in a wide leg, this is especially awful, but what about these? Did I do okay, or do they need to be longer?

Chic on the Cheap
Anonymous said…
You have hit it exactly! Unfortunately, this is what I see the most and it has made me capriphobic! Verily, you are doing good by spreading the word. ;)
No link needed for ugly capris from Gap or any other store!!! LOL! I recently did the same blog posting (a month ago) and boy did I get a mixed review of comments. Some women don't care that they look dumpy...they want the coverage and comfort.

For me, I gave them up. As a personal shopper and therefore knowing better I gave them up completely. I'd seen enough ugly mid-calf capris roaming the mall and I wasn't going to make anyone else's eyes soar from my wearing of capris either!

I whole heartily agree w/ your tip to give them up!

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