The Horror: Don't Let Shopbop Dress You

Shopbop has a hilarious look book of the essential chic summer closet. I don't think we're their customer base. This is just a sampling of a wardrobe that would cover every occasion in which you'd need to be a hobo, a beach bum, or a bum on the beach. This first look is actually ratty, unbuttoned denim shorts over a bathing suit. Mind you, I loathe this classist fashion, because if you run around town like this when you're poor, people call you white trash. Spending a crazy amount of money does not make your bathing suit appropriate attire for the grocery store.

Swap the sandals in the second look for ruined sneakers and add some grease to the model's arms, and you literally have what most people here in northern Indiana are wearing when their shift at the RV factory ends. But since she also has a denim purse and clean nails, she's some how posh? Trust me, this outfit works much better as factory attire.

I have no clue what's going on with the third look. Shopbop calls those shorts "body con." I call them infection-inducing biker shorts. Am I the only person irritated that in looks 1 and 3, the clothes are black but the shoes brown?

When I tallied up these clothes Monday night, the bill was $2,132 not including the sold out bag, bathing suit and random accessories. I'm certain you can slap another $250 on that price and still be low. And can you believe that when I checked again last night, about half of it was sold out?


Anonymous said…
It's crazy, the only reason why they are allowed to get away with it is because there are people who still choose to buy these things.

Not a good look. Love the post!
Sarah M said…
omg this is like a pathetic attempt to be American apparel. so sad

sorry Shopbop...american apparel already did american apparel right.

Great post! :)

sarah m
Sarah Dee said…
Gross Gross Uck Uck pooeyh

believe it or not theres actually girls at my school that dress like this. Disgusting

And I laughed so hard when I read "infection inducing bike shorts"

LOL. okay this post made me crack up. :) ahahaha.
WILD FOX. said…
hmmm, senseless ppl? ameeen :p

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