Spring Shopping at T.J. Maxx & Marshalls

One of our few shining perks at Fashion Me Fabulous (aside from getting to know you, of course), is our relationship with the good people at T.J. Maxx/Marshalls. Occasionally they'll send us gift cards in exchange for writing about our shopping experience. We thought this time we'd actually tell your our discount store shopping method, because yes, we're that organized about our shopping.

Jael's Strategy
Shop with a friend who can help you spot deals. Spread out and search everything. You may be looking for cardigans, but check out the shoes anyway. Those studded flats you were drooling over at Macy's last month may now be at sale at T.J. Maxx.

Remember who you are. True, those orange pants may only be $20, but will you wear them? In the same vein, if it doesn't fit like a dream, put it back.

Keep an open mind. My last two pairs of jeans were discovered as a joke when I said "See, this is how horrible random jeans fit me," and they were both amazing cuts for my figure. Surprise! Plus, some items end up at TJ Maxx because the clothing company sized them wrong or put in the wrong tag. I found the perfect summer bra because I doubted it was the D cup on the tag.

Jael's Favorite Finds For Spring: lovely pale tone jersey dresses with feminine embellishments, metallic sandals, big straw hats, lace detail tops.

becca's Strategy:
Don't get hung up on the designer names. This was my problem when I first started shopping at Marshalls. I'd get excited about a $20 Betsey Johnson frock and try to convince myself it fit and flattered when it did neither. This also kept me from noticing great finds by brands I didn't recognize.

Don't miss anything. Attack the store systematically be section. This way you don't skip any racks. Give yourself plenty of time. I hate running in and out of Marshalls or T.J. Maxx. It feels like passing up deals. Visit often. If you can make frequent trips, you can often be the first one to spot deals.

Try things on. Even if it only looks a little cute or it just intrigues you, try it on. This is how you find great items and add things to your wardrobe you wouldn't usually look at in full-price stores.

becca's Favorite Finds for Spring: Casual knit vests, open cardigans, brightly colored dresses, geometric pattern skirts, lattice sandals, washable silk shirts (if only they had my size!).


Rachel said…
TJ Maxx is still my very favorite store! Not only do they have awesome clothes (hubby and I always buy jeans there), but I recently got a gorgeous quilt and a high-quality set of sheets there for an amazing price.

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