The Horror: Prom 2010

I have a million catty things to say about these clearly-you-don't-have-a-mother prom gowns, but the actual product descriptions on Cyber Gown can't be topped.

This desperately wanting to be J.Lo dress is promoted as "ultra western in design." But what does this sentence mean? "The modern day styling is followed for embellishments as the embellishment is make to show the prefect body curves."For less than $50, you could be a belly dancing showgirl "with a back central slit hence riveting splendor to the utmost level of appreciation." A head is not required for riveting splendor. Flower boobs. It doesn't matter if you call it couture, this dress dress will not make you Halle Berry in Elie Saab.
The rest of the site is worth a look for the chuckle factor. Now, call your mother and thank her for not letting you wear that bedazzled scarf top and bell bottom set to prom in '01.


these.. are... amazing. lolz!
Rachel said…
I don't know what to say...
Kschenke said…
I was an old woman about prom dresses when I WENT to prom. There were some definite "what the hell" dresses and they were worn by the girls who liked to grind on the dance floor (surprise, surprise).

My senior dress was a salmon colored halter top with an A-line... very Marilyn Monroe, but long. And it was CLASSY. :)
dress designs said…
Special occasions like the prom is not about sexiness. A modestly styled dress could be the best thing to wear. An over revealing prom dress can be scandalous for not-so-liberated individuals.
Florence Carole said…
I agree that prom should not be about sexiness, but you can still wear modest prom dresses and being demure at the same time. You can still catch attention by just being confident with what you are wearing.

sexy lingerie
The horror. Hopefully nobody ever wore these to prom, or for that matter, anywhere public.

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