Fashion DIY Round Up

It's spring, which always gives me the itch to clean up my wardrobe a little. It also gives me an urge to go on a shopping spree, but my budget has been spree-free for a few years now. This means I won't be throwing anything out during my spring cleaning. Instead, I'll be attempting to re-invent and revive some stuff I already have. Here are a few projects I'm looking into.

I have some white and light colored tights with stains from some black shoes so I give them new life with Bust's DIY Tie Dye Guide.

I'll be hunting thrift stores and garage sales for beads and buttons so I can try some embellishments like this on a few stained/ripped items I have: DIY Beaded Hoodie or Button Embellished Top (pictured). I don't trust myself do to with with tights (and I avoid bleach), but I have some old black leggings that could work with some DIY baubles.

This one is way beyond my skill level, but if you are sewing savvy, you can turn an old men's skirt into a super cute summer frock. I also found instruction for a ruffled shirt version too. If anyone has a sewing machine they'd like to give me (with free sewing lessons maybe), I'd promise to try these in return.

Since I'm without sewing machine, I might try this project--painting shoes! I'm sure I have a scuffed pair of shoes to turn into something cute and sassy like these.

I have some shirts from Forever 21 that are falling apart, as such shirts do when you pay $5 for them. I think that make them perfect candidates for this shredded tee project (pictured). They might be fun to layer over tank tops and sundresses. If I shred any beyond wearability, perhaps I can use them to create a braided knit headband.

I might have some old leather or faux-leather to create this Louis Vuitton copy cat necklace. I think I even have little sliver padlock.

I want to try almost everything on this blog: P.S. - I made this...

Do you DIY? Share your tips and projects with us! Do you have any other closet re-invention ideas?


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