Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation

It's been months since a reader asked us about mineral makeup, which may not be a bad thing. about a year and a half ago, my mom bought some Bare Escentuals. She liked the coverage and the light feeling, but gave it to me as it made her skin dry.

My skin's thirty years younger, so dryness wasn't an issue. I also like the coverage and light feeling of the makeup, but the system itself is cumbersome. So cumbersome, in fact, that my kit came with a dvd explaining in what order to apply the makeup and how to properly tap excess powder from my brush. First, the "Skin-rever-upper" (a product they may have now discontinued) then "Prime Time;" neither is supposed to replace your daily moisturizer so add that too. If you don't use the Prime Time base, the makeup doesn't cover as well. After all that slab, it's time for the actual makeup. The kit comes with matte foundation, a bronzer, and "mineral veil." Frankly, it's too much for daily application.

Another snag for what could be a lovely product, mineral makeup has a short shelf life. My powder's expired, but I wouldn't notice save for the eye area. The coverage for that delicate skin is now a bit cakey and makes me look older.

Overall, I'm not a fan of this product, but I wouldn't pass on mineral makeup from a different brand.

What's your experience with mineral makeup been? Any simpler products you'd recommend?


Alison said…
I really like the Bare Escentuals stuff, but it's a bit pricey for me right now. One that I found to be easy and I really like is the Neutrogena Mineral Sheers. Neutrogena's is about $10 less too. But I know that one of the colors is crappy, but the others are really great. I found it through They do a really good job at reviewing all brands. The site is a little tough to navigate, because they want you to pay for their subscription. I have not done this, but have been able to find some really helpful information.
Rachel said…
I'm so glad you posted this today. I was all set to get this bare minerals stuff tomorrow, but I'm reconsidering. I want a makeup with coverage, but without that caked on feeling.

I shall return to to scope out better products! Thanks!
Rachel said…
I have Bare Escentuals and I really like it. It only comes with the foundation, "warmth" (bronzer/blush), and mineral veil now. Mine's 3 years old and still works great... day-to-day I only use the foundation (which also works as concealer). It's so light, scentless, and feels so nice on my skin. I don't think the coverage is as good as some other makeup but I think it's an ok trade for the way it feels. I'm a big fan :)
Robin said…
I just reviewed this on my blog and really liked it... now that I've sat with it a while I'm a bit more mixed. Some days I look flawless, others a bit chalky- and I am a worshipper of moisturizer. I only have the foundation and mineral veil though.

I like the Mary Kay foundation too- a hair less airbrushed looking, but delivers the same great look every day. Some days I mix them.
Gaëlle Pfyffer said…
I really don't like Bare Escentuals. I went to sephora and asked the shop assistant for a new power. It was very important for me that the powder should be matte, as I have a tendency to shine. I went back home with a bare excentuals powder and I looked bad all week. The powder doesn't blend in and, worse of all, it is quite sheer and shiny. I looked dirty and sweaty all week.
I have switched to the origins press powder. I love it! I am very picky, and it gives a good coverage and a very airbrushed result. You can either use it as a compact fundation, with a sponge, or as a compact powder, with a brush (what I do). It cost 25$, but it is really worth it! I think I will stick to it for ever!
Gaëlle Pfyffer said…
Big apology!!!
I was wrong! I mistook the Bare excentuals for the Bare Minerals.
So, I have NO idea how the bare escentuals products are.
Don't get bare minerals, though, the products aren't that great.
Sorry for the mistake!
Jael Paris said…
Gale, I was just at Sephora, and I think they're the same thing. Escentuals is the parent company and Minerals is their foundation.
Gaëlle Pfyffer said…
Thanks for the info. Well, I guess I would really not recommand Bare Escentuals, then.
Meg said…
Mary Kay has a mineral makeup line now. I really love their products, so I really want to give it a try
Amazing, thanks. I love Mineral Foundation. This one is really nice and I also love to wear on my face.

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