Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Givenchy
What it made us think of: A melting pot of Helmut Lang, Martin Margiela, Current Balenciaga and very little Givenchy.
What we liked: Interesting tailoring, jackets, space age meets alpine vine
What we didn't: Unzipped skirt and pant look, sheer stuff
Who: Louis Vuitton
What it made us think of: Little girls playing dress up in their grandmother's attic
What we liked: The ladylike vibe, classic pieces, pretty jackets, nice skirts, the accessories were actually quite cute and not as logo-filled as usual.
What we didn't: Longer skirts are nice, but these were often dowdy. Also, many pieces made the models look wide, boxy and overwhelmed by their clothes. ???.
Who: Yves Saint Laurent
What it made us think of: Religious garb (in techicolor at the end)
What we liked: Tailoring, black and white, gloves, hats
What we didn't: Lack of variety, costume-y religious looks
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