Love or Loathe: Sunny Apron Dress

This unique dress from Mod Cloth was nearly sold out when I wrote this, so clearly some people like it. It has laid back retro appeal certainly, but it makes me think of a cheery maid donning her dull apron over her cute spring frock. I like the pockets, but I think I'd wear this dress backwards to show off more of the abstract houndstooth print. What do you make of it?


becca said…
I like your idea of wearing it backwards. I like it forwards too. I don't think it's too maid-like. I'd wear it with bright tights and ditch the matching belt for a more interesting one.

I know dresses over pants are controversial, but this one would look cute over skinny jeans (I'm tall-ish so it might look more like a long shirt).
Rachel said…
I like it. It would totally work backwards too. I agree with becca about wearing it with skinny jeans.
Anonymous said…
backwards is the new forwards. you called it!

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