Love or Loathe: Obi Belt

Jael Paris: First off, I love wearing big things around my waist, and this obi belt from Newport News gets bonus points for being reversible.

becca: I also love wearing big things around my waist, but not this particular thing. While the red side is OK, this side--paired with the over-the-top tassels--looks like my great grandmother's curtains.

Jael Paris: I'll admit the tassels are too much, but that could be easily fixed. The embroidered side makes me think of a belt from McQueen's Spring/Summer 2001 show. Not as cool, but certainly a viable alternative.

becca: I get the inspiration, but I still don't like this print (still feels granny to me). Also, the tassels seem to be a major selling point and part of the reason this belt costs $50, which is far too much for an item that requires tossing the three sets of tassels that come with it. (Unless you have three curtains that each require different color tassels).

Jael Paris: Well I'm clearly not going to be able to change your granny perception, so let's leave it to our readers.


Fanya said…
You won't catch me dead in those curtain tassles. The belt is ok, altho the pattern does seem a bit grandma-ish.

However, all you need is to replace the tassle with a black ribbon to make it not grandma-style. (you don't see grandmas with ribbon around their waist do you?)

it also depends on the rest of your outfit of course. pair it with frilly/ruffle-y shirt/dress or something with bell-sleeve. I have a couple of outfits that are definitely too cutesy for a 21yr old, and if I wear this without the tassles, I think it makes them age appropriate.
Jael Paris said…
I used to have a gold tassel necklace. I'm a tassel nut!
Fanya said…

how big are those tassles? I have a silver tassel necklace that I wear often, but they are thinner than my pinky.

The tassles on the belt look huge to me and you can substitute a normal curtain tassle and no one would notice. I dunno. I'm a bit harsh in my dislikes and it might be my Chinese bias toward delicate things that make those tassle look outfit inappropriate.
Jael Paris said…
The tassels on my necklace are smaller than on the belt, but I love all sorts of tassels. I'm like a kitty and will play with them all day.
rachel said…
I like the belt, even the floral side, but I'm not a huge fan of the tassels. They make me think of the giant tassels that the tribal belly dancers always wear at Renaissance festivals. If they were smaller, I think I would be less opposed.
Jael Paris said…
What does it say about me that referencing tribal belly dancers sways me not a bit?
Fanya said…
lol, that you are open to all cultural arts. =P

some of my fashion inspiration comes from mangas (I'm almost an otaku). hmm...maybe that's why half of my closet is cutesy teenager clothe...

The tassles will have to be as small as my necklace and solid colored before I accept them.

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