Editor's Pick of the Week: Trench Cardigan

It's warm. It's cold. It's warm. It's cold. It's refusing to make make up it's mind. The weather is crazy during this transition from winter to spring. Layering is the only way to dress to assure you'll be warm enough in the mornings and evenings, yet cool enough during the warm sunny days.

Free People's Trench Cardigan could be the perfect layering piece. It's made of cotton and modal (!) so it's soft and comfortable. You'll be able to wear it like a trench coat or keep it on all day like a cuddly cardigan. It has military inspired, double-breasted buttons up the front for a crisp look or a removable sash to either tie it casually or cinch it in the back for a more figure flattering look. It even has pockets in case your hands get cold on a day you thought would be warm enough to leave your gloves behind.

It costs $128, which isn't too bad considering this garment can work for all seasons (even summer has some cool nights). You can get it in eggshell (pictured) or midnight (I can't tell if that's black or dark blue.)


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