Editor's Pick of the Week: Sandal Weather Please

I don't know how it was everywhere else, but last week, Indiana and Michigan experienced a lovely taste of spring. There were many outdoor walks and sunny days. Just as I was about to break out the flouncy skirts and start dreaming of my sandals, March decided to turn cold and rainy and miserable. I want my warmth and sunshine back. Spring can be such a tease.
To cheer me up a bit, I've continued my three year quest to find the perfect sunny yellow sandals. These Naturalizer Naya (their new eco-friendly line) Yellow Sandals could be the ones. They're made from chrome-free leather, nickle-free buckles, biodegradable rubber latex and recycled cork. This is probably what has caused the price to leap from the normal Naturalizer number of $80 to a startling $125. However, they look endlessly comfy and summery. My past pairs of Naturalizer sandals have all lasted up to six years and still have some life in them. Taking this into consideration, it would end up costing $21 a year if these sandals last six years. (If only that payment plan was an option.)

If sunshine isn't your color (you're crazy), these come in burnt sienna, tan, bone and black. (Really, get the yellow. They will go with everything. I promise.)


LyddieGal said…
I would love for the rain to leave and to get spring back!

Those sandals are gorgeous, but perhaps when they go on sale...

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